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Kimurawear Womens Rashguard L/S Body-X Series, str. S

499,- 249,-
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Womens compression wear is being used by female athletes in all sports, during training and competition. The reason is fairly simple, because compression wear adds several benefits to the user. Compression wear warms up the muscles making injury less likely to happen, and also helps regulate the bodies temperature. Our Womens Body-X Series Compression wear is no different, and actually uses the most advanced materials and technologies to aid the wearer.

Kimurawears Womens Body-X Compression Long Sleeve, blends the latest technologies in sports wear together in order to bring the most out of the individual. By using the latest materials, our Compression Top becomes a part of the user and aids in temperature regulation. The material not only warms up the athletes muscles, but also wicks away the bodies sweat and keeps the body cool.

  • Wicks away the sweat of the athlete and aids in controlling the bodies temperature.
  • Keeps the muscles warm during exercise which improves performance and prevents injury.
  • Sublimation printing is used with a high pressure water based print on the logos, which will never peel or crack.
  • Three needle flat inseam stitching and reinforced seams throughout the entire long sleeve.
  • All sizes are custom fit to add comfort and style.
  • Core-Flow™ Tech, aids in regulating body temperature by keeping the muscle's warm and the body cool.



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