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Kimurawear Vale Tudo Kompresjonsshorts Body-X Series - Hvit, S

299,- 499,-

Tilbudet slutter 31.07.2018

Meget komfortabel kompresjonsshorts med innebygget lomme for susp.

Kimurawears Body-X compression series, is a new state of the art compression line that blends technology and style. Body-X stands for body extension. The idea behind the Body-X line is that the compression gear becomes an extension of the user and a part of their own body. By using the latest technology we have developed a material that is able to react to the bodies demands and in turn increase athletic performance. Our Body-X Series is perfect for any kind of athletic training.

Core-Flow™ Tech is a special material that we developed with the intent of  creating the perfect workout gear. This special material aids the body in regulating temperature by  keeping the muscle's warm and the body cool. This creates the perfect training environment for any  athlete and allows you to perform at your optimum level.

  • Compression shorts - Body-X Series are designed to become an extension of your body.
  • Our Core-Flow™ material keeps the muscles  warm during exercise which improves performance and prevents injury.
  • This specially designed Core-Flow™ material also wicks away the sweat of the athlete and aids in controlling the bodies temperature.
  • Sublimation printing is used with a high pressure water based print on the logos, which will never peel or crack.
  • Comes complete with an insert closure system that is the perfect fit for any protective cup.
  • Inner built drawstring tenacity waistband, for a secure fit.
  • Three needle flat inseam stitching and reinforced seams throughout the entire shorts.
  • This is the two strip panel model, adding motion and comfort.
  • All sizes are custom fit to add comfort and style.
  • Color: White
  • Imported




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