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Kimurawear Premium BJJ Gi

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Lett, komfortabel og slitesterk drakt for BJJ. Leveres med ryggsekk!

Own the jiu jitsu mats with Kimurawears single pearl weave classic gi. This durable triple stitched kimono will stand up to all the rigors of any BJJ training session. Our ultra light weight rip/stop cotton pants are fully breathable and designed for comfort. All logos are fully
embroidered and will never fade or wear away. Lock on your next submission with Kimurawears single pearl weave kimono.


  • • Constructed of breathable 550 gsm cotton material.
  • • Kimono pants are 100% rip/stop and fully breathable.
  • • Rubberized lapel.
  • • IBJJF legal.
  • • All logos are fully embroidered.
  • • Rip/stop carrying back pack.
  • • Color: Royal Blue.

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