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Kimurawear 8 oz S.E. Sekkhansker, str. L

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Take your Muay Thai, boxing and MMA training up level with Kimurawear’s Special Edition Bag Gloves. Kimurawears SE Bag Gloves are great for beginners as well as advanced athletes. These shock absorbing gloves are constructed with ReActive foam technology. This foam reforms much quicker than regular foam, which creates a safer environment for the user. Kimurawears SE Bag Gloves are great for staying in shape or for high intense training sessions.


• Made of Rexon engineered leather, with reinforced seams for durability.
• Reinforced Hook and Loop Strap System.
• Sizes: Medium, Large
• Color: Black/Silver


• ReActive™ Tech, top layer foam helps the glove absorb impact and protect the user.  
• CoreDry™ Tech, moisture repellent nylon inside liner, allows the gloves to dry 70% faster and eliminates odor.


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